welcome to my portoflio

Hi, my name is Valdemar. 

I am a graphic design major and concept artist based in Copenhagen.

I graduated as a Mediegrafiker (graphic designer) In December 2022,  at NEXT København, a 4 year vocational education.

I’m a passionate guy who finds joy in traditional- and digital art, 3D modelling, and graphic design. I believe my various skills strengthen each other, I have always had an insatiable curiosity for learning more and challenging different art styles.

Whether it’s working as a concept artist, packaging designer or something else, I always find myself enjoying all roles as long as I’m in an environment that values and encourages creative thinking, fun and teamwork.

Board games are a great source of joy for me, especially when played with friends or family. One type that I particularly enjoy is cooperative games, as they foster teamwork and problem-solving skills - qualities that I find valuable not just in leisure, but also in a professional setting.

In my spare time I also enjoy playing video games, watching esports, drawing and outdoor activities such as kayaking, swimming and running.

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